1.8"PU Leather Jewelry box

Leather box cover, Larger container, Dedicated charging port

2.4" Video Brochure

128MB - 8GB optional, AVI video format, 320 * 240 in size

2.4" Slide screen business card

Slide screen option, Customizable, Expandable memory

4" Video Brochure

128MB — 8GB, AVI, MP4, MOV video formats, 480 * 272 in size

7"Audi Box with UV Print

Custom UV print, HD video quality, Larger screen size

5.0" Multi-pages light sensors

Multi dimention, Custom design, HD vidieo and multiple

Acrylic Stand video player

Larger screen, 256MG and more, Volume control

4.3" Video Brochure

128MB — 8GB memory, AVI MP4 MOV video formats, 854 * 480 formats

4.3" PU Leather Video Book

Button option, Print option, Customized Multiple pages

A5 Video Brochure + Box

Suitable for all jewels, Surprice accessories, Easy input videos

Special Paper Luxury Box

Glossy & Mate surfaces, Built-in battery, UHD video quality & formats

Hologram - 2 Wings

Hologram 3D projector, All format images and video, Memory cards and format software

5.0" IPS Video Brochure

128MB — 8GB memory, 600mAh built-in battery, Auto play video - magnetic switch

4.3"LCD Video Calendar

Variety in design and colors, Larger screen size, Slide show

10.1" Video Brochure

256MB - 128MB, 8GB), 1024 * 600 size, Custom Design

LED Light

Remote control, High resolution output, Super large 3D effect

10"Hard Cover Ring Binder

Custom design, Extendable memory, Multiple color options


7.0" HD Video Brochure

128MB - 256MB - 8GB, Built-in lithium 1000mAh battery, 1024 * 600 size

Hologram - 4 Wings

WiFi 3D Hologram Projector, 720 Multi-Projector, 3D Holographic

POS Video Card

Built-in rechargable battery, Easy placement option, Smart Button controls

5"Luxury Video Magazine

Built-in battery, HD video resolution, Custom design and colors

10"LCD Advertising Display with Android System

Multiple dimentions, Easy inputs, Larger resolution

Custom print shape 4.3"screen

All kind of shapes, Glossy finishing, Custom dimentions & designs

Custom wings

HD projector with custom shape, General video, animation and image, 30000-100000 Hours Life

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